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Example of a Paint on Fabric Class which is not currently being offered

fabric Chandan & Mohini childrens

Paint on FabricStimulate your imagination and creativity. Learn to use oil paintstiks to create original patterns and designs. Paint on fabrics of your choice. Try canvas shoes, backpacks or other items. Includes step-by-step introduction to techniques of painting, designing with masks and stencils, and texturing with rubbings. 

This class includes: 1) an introduction to using regular and iridescent color paintstiks  on different colored sample fabrics and  2) practice painting: single and multi-color designs using rubbing plate patterns, designs of soft stripe patterns, designs using stencils that you make, designs using masks made from strips of tape

You will need to pick out and bring all your own fabrics and objects to paint.  Joann's has a nice selection of fabrics; Walmart and Michels have some bargain prices on fabric and T-shirts. You will need at least 10 pieces of fabric.  

Bring Ironed Pieces of Smooth Cotton or Cotton/Poly Fabric (it is best to transport these flat between two pieces of cardboard)

·      At least two squares each, of solid white and black approximately 10” x 10”

·      A total of four or more 10” x 10” pieces of your choice of fabric in two light tones (for example, pink and light green), and two dark tones (for example, purple and turquoise). Choose solid colors with little or no pattern. 

·      4 or more pieces of your choice of various fabrics of size approx 16” x 20”.   Choose solid colors with little or no pattern.  

Optionally bring your choice of other types of cloth, or objects to decorate, such as backpack, canvas shoes, and scarf.  You may also try painting small objects of wood or metal.

To sign up for this class or for more information, please contact Nancy.